A Note from Josh – College & Center Newsletters, March 2020

A prayer for a time such as these:

God of creation, you made all things good.

You have intimately stitched the fabric of our existence together in ways that can overwhelm and comfort us all in the same moment.

Lord, we come before you in a time of sickness and uncertainty.

If the right words even exist to pray during this time, we welcome those. For now we will offer you what we have; we will offer what the prophets, martyrs, and saints of the faith have offered you all before.

Lord, we offer you our fear that comes with this sort of sickness. May you redeem our anxiety for the purposes of your Kingdom. We offer you our optimism that delicately stands on our own comprehension. Grow this optimism into a hope that rests on your eternal promises. We offer you our judgment for those that seem too concerned. Transform our judgment into compassion for those who are scared. We offer you our arrogance, which attempts to convince us we won’t be affected. Redeem our unprecedented confidence into bold humility that accepts the Lenten truth, from ash we come and to ash we will return. Lord, convert our annoyance into a sweet sense of concern for our world, nation, and community.

From the womb of uncertainty, may you birth faith in us this day, that we may hold fast to the truth that we do not know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future. In the name of the one who makes all things new, Jesus our Savior, amen.

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