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A Note from Josh – August 2018 Newsletters

Do you need God to get through your day? How about to get through the fall season that is quickly approaching? Will you need God this fall? My sense is that most people, myself included, have figured out a rhythm to life that isn’t dependent upon God, and in that, I see a lot of potential.

In July I had the privilege of leading a group from First Pres. to Varadero Cuba, to partner with a Presbyterian Church there in providing a vacation bible school for the children of an under resourced community. It was a wonderful time of being in mission together with my Cuban brothers and sisters.

First Pres. has been sending groups to Cuba for 13 years. 99 people from our community have gone, most of them several times. I have been to Cuba four times now, and as I have reflected on our relationship with that church, it occured to me that we don’t really need each other. They don’t need us to come down every year. Their church will likely continue to thrive without our presence. We don’t need to visit them for First Pres. to continue on here in Nashville. But the more I reflected, the more I thought that is what makes the relationship so sweet. We don’t need each other, but we are committed to being in relationship with one another, and when we are in relationship together, life is simply more full.

Perhaps, that is how we might think about our relationship with God this coming season. Most people tell me they don’t go to God until they need God, typically because of a crisis of some sort, which I am not condemning. I believe God welcomes us whenever we pursue him. God is always committed to relationship with us; seemingly, because he wants to be. Perhaps this season of life we can commit to being in relationship with God, because we want to be.

Now, some may say, theologically speaking, we absolutely need God every day. Sure, I get that. And I celebrate the sentiment, but I am thinking more along the lines of a daily experience than an eschatological worldview. Anyway, that is another blog post.

Consider this coming season how you might commit to being in relationship with God. Let me know what you come up with.



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