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Mission Statement, Motto & Values of YA! – September 2017 Newsletter

In January the young adult department had a consultant come in and survey the ministry. He asked what our mission statement was as a department. We told him we didn’t have one. He asked what was the motto of our ministry. We told him we had never named one. He asked what our values were, and we admitted, we had not named those either.  Well, that was January, and now it is September, and we have created a mission statement, motto, and values of our ministry! 

 Mission Statement

The young adult ministry of FPC exists to invite young adults into a place where they are reminded that they belong to God and one another, where they are inspired to become the person the Spirit is forming them to be through worship, mission, and education, and where they are called to believe in the good news of Jesus Christ. Everything we do, we do together.


Belong. Become. Believe. Together.


Hope — We believe that God is at work in this world and we choose to look for ways to participate in God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven

Acceptance — We strive to be a ministry marked by respect, unity, honesty and openness toward everyone’s whole self

 Joy — We enjoy celebrating life together

 Worship — The Holy Spirit gathers us regularly to remember God’s commitment to the redemption and reconciliation of creation and our commitment to be grateful for that work

 Vulnerability — We embrace a way of life that welcomes authenticity, truth, and brokenness in the name of growth, both personally and collectively

 Mission — We are committed to joining God’s ministry of reconciliation in the world

 In August we had a visioning retreat with about 30 members of the young adult community. We took the time to gather, dream, and name the work that God is up to at First Presbyterian Church and our community specifically. After we gathered, a small “renovation team” that was formed after our consultation, got together and further flushed out the sentiment and words of our time together. Then Ashley and I sat down and spent more time crafting each of these documents. Lastly, I put the final touches on each of these. I am grateful for everyone who participated in this process. It was filled with laughter, brilliance, and a few tears. Because of these efforts, we are better equipped to more faithfully follow Jesus, together. If you have any questions or comments on this process, please do not hesitate to reach out! See you at church and around town. 



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