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A Note from Ashley – March 2017 Newsletter

Oh, Lent. Isn’t it strange what our culture has done with the season of Lent? It is the season of feeling guilty about something you do too much of, vowing to give up that practice or habit for 40 days (likely for no good spiritual reason), and then feeling like a failure for not actually giving up that practice or habit at all. What a strange season in the life of the Church. Rather than trying to convince you of the real meaning of Lent or adding more guilt to your life, I’d like to offer the following. Ted Loder’s Guerillas of Grace is one of my favorite books of all time. I hope you enjoy this prayer as much as I do. Perhaps rather than giving up something this Lenten season, pray this prayer every day and see where it takes you. You just might meet Jesus on the journey.

Catch Me in My Scurrying
Catch me in my aimless scurrying, Lord,
and hold me in this Lenten season:
hold my heart to the beat of your grace
and create in me a resting place,
a kneeling place,
a tip-toe place
where I can recover from the dis-ease of my grandiosities
which fill my mind and calendar with busy self-importance,
that I may become vulnerable enough
to dare intimacy with the familiar,
to listen cup-eared for your summons,
and to watch squint-eyed for your crooked finger
in the crying of a child,
in the hunger of the street people,
in the fear of the contagion of terrorism in all people,
in the rage of those oppressed because of sex or race,
in the smoldering resentments of exploited third world nations,
in the sullen apathy of the poor and ghett0-strangled people,
in my lonely doubt and limping ambivalence:
and somehow,
during this season of sacrifice,
enable me to sacrifice time
and possessions
and securities,
to do something…
something about what I see,
something to turn the water of my words
into the wine of will and risk,
into the bread of blood and blisters,
into the blessedness of deed,
of a cross picked up,
a savior followed.
–Ted Loder


Happy Lent, y’all. See you at church and around town. -Ashley

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