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A Note from Josh – November 2016 Newsletter

The great poet Curtis Jackson, also known as, 50 cent, once wrote, “Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain.” The great theologian Henri Nouwen says something similar in his book, With Open Hands. He writes, “Likewise, we pray without despair, for despair is possible only for someone who knows what it means to hope.” Jackson and Nouwen both seem convinced that despair and pain have the capacity to point towards something new and life giving.

Of course, best I can tell about myself and others, we don’t care much for pain and despair. We find the most creative ways to numb ourselves. Some choose alcohol. Some choose Netflix. Some choose another trip to plan and experience. While it is necessary at times, at some point it seems we must face the pain and despair of our life in this world. If the way of Jesus is true, perhaps there will be resurrection on the other side of the cross.

As the leaves change in this fall season, may we be reminded of the pain and despair that is necessary to experience true hope, joy, and resurrection. See you at church and around town.


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