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A Note from Josh – September 2016 Newsletter

“Just remember Josh, you can always drop a curse word…”

That was a piece of advice that the first pastor I ever interned under gave me when dealing with an unruly youth. I was shocked and appalled. Certainly I would never curse at a youth. Right? One year later, I cursed at a youth. I had the biggest moral hangover of my life after the interaction. I apologized over and over again. I felt like a failure. It was rough. I asked myself, “How could you let yourself get to that place? Why did you get so mad? What made you think that was okay?” I beat myself up over the interaction for months. Fortunately, he and I have an amazing relationship and the moment is only referenced in jest now. Also, I have never cursed at a student since then.

One of my favorite songs contains these lyrics, “Maybe when you get a bit older too, you’ll do all the things that you said you’d not do.” With age comes experience that sometimes provides an opportunity to be someone you never thought you’d be. I was the youth leader who cursed at the student. That is a negative manifestation of the opportunity life experience provides. I wonder, what might a positive manifestation be? In a few years, what opportunities will I have had to be the person I never thought I’d be? A more simple way to ask the question may be, “Who could I be a year from now that I never thought I’d be?” Maybe a mother. Maybe a pastor. Maybe a student. Maybe a _________. Who is God calling you to be? How will you respond? Try asking the question. Let me know what you come up with. See you at church and around town.

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