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A Note from Ashley – August 2016 Newsletter

Hey FPC Young Adults. I guarantee this will blow your mind. Did you know that FPC financially and physically supports over 40 local mission organizations in Nashville alone? We support an additional 38 national and international organizations. Any idea what the average percentage of a US church’s total annual budget goes toward missions? It’s somewhere around 5% (a high average is somewhere around 10%). Any idea what percentage of FPC Nashville’s total annual budget goes toward missions? 27%. Twenty. Seven. Percent. That’s around $1.2 million every year. Our understanding of missions and service is actually one of the things that makes me most proud to be a part of our congregation.

This year in the YA ministry we are committing to exploring many of those organizations on a monthly basis. Here’s the plan: each month we will offer a service opportunity that directly partners with a local organization that FPC supports–Habitat building, a suit drive to benefit the women in training with Begin Anew, holiday package stuffing with Thistle Farms, and on and on and on. You and your family are invited to sign up any/every month to join in, learn more about the organizations FPC believes in, and put our hands and feet to work for the body of Christ. We will spotlight each month’s partner organization in our newsletter and provide a space for online sign up. We are jazzed and cannot wait. Make no mistake. We like to have a good time in the Young Adult world. We take seriously from Acts 2 fellowshipping together “with glad and generous hearts.” This year, along with our continued social events and weekly programming, we are committing to taking seriously the piece of Acts 2 where, together, we care for all, “as any had need.” Let’s get to work. See you at church and around town.

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