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A Note from Josh – March 2016 Newsletter

I got the opportunity to go with our church to Cuba. When I was first asked if I’d be interested in joining the mission team, my response was, “We’re allowed to go to Cuba?” Once I learned that we had a religious visa that allowed our group to enter the country, I also learned that First Presbyterian has been going for over a decade. Since 2003 we have been building relationships with the church in Cuba. Before we left I was busy getting things done and preparing to be gone for a week. The day I left I was overwhelmed with the sense that I didn’t get enough done and forgot everything that was important. My ignorance and exhaustion was met with with a beautiful landscape, wonderful people, and God’s robust presence. I got the opportunity to see old relationships grow, form new relationships, and dream of what next year might look like. Sometimes, like the Rev. Todd Jones suggested in his sermon this past Sunday, God gives lavishly to those who do not deserve it. Sometimes God is the Prodigal Father. That was my experience in Cuba. My hope is that we would be a part of what God is doing, even if it means we show up confused and tired. See you at church and around town.

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