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A Note from Josh – February 2016 Newsletter

Sometimes when I was a child my mother would take me into stores with her. Inevitably, as we walked through the store something would catch my eye. Perhaps it was a toy, a piece of candy, or certain kind of cereal, almost always Fruity Pebbles. In my childlike anticipation and hope I would look to my mother and ask, “Mom can I have that?!” Sometimes she would reply, “yes,” and all of my dreams would come true. Other times she replied, “no,” and my dreams would crumble. More often than not my mother would reply, “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.” I was disappointed, but the potential for tomorrow kept my hopes at bay. It took me a little while before I realized that when she would say, “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.” She meant, “no.” I learned to hate the phrase, “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.”

Today I was tempted with a sin that I have struggled with for some time. Some seasons I claim victory over this sin, and I simply respond, “no.” Other times my enemy wins the competition, I give in, and say, “yes.” But today, when I was tempted, the phrase that came to mind was, “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.” Today, I am thankful for this phrase that my mother gifted me as a child. My hope is that it will simply come to mean, “no.” As we enter into the Lenten season, moving towards the celebration of the cross, let us examine our lives and participate in the sanctification that God is working in us. See you at church and around town.

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