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A Note from Ashley – December 2015 Newsletter

I love advent. Or well, perhaps I should more honestly say, I’m learning to love advent. Growing up I just loved Christmas. My dad, a pastor for over 30 years, LOVED to shop on Black Friday. This was years ago when Black Friday wasn’t quite as wild as it is now (read: stores opened at 6am on *gasp* Friday). He’d be gone long before we were out of bed, recovering from Thanksgiving lunch, and back around lunch time. A full day’s work. We learned later that after he shopped, my dad would take all of our gifts to my grandmother’s house, hide them in the attic, and spend some quality time with her before coming home as if nothing had happened. Please, Dad/Santa. We knew better.

My dad passed away almost five years ago. Since then, Christmas has been a little more bittersweet. That’s the thing about getting older. People we love change, even pass away. Christmas switches from the most magical morning of the year into something perhaps a little less special. Old traditions don’t quite seem the same as we and our families change and grow. And yet.

Maybe the changes and growing a little older somehow turn us a degree or two closer to the manger. In the season of advent, we are invited to sit with God and wait with anticipation for what God might do in and through us in the coming year–all because of the baby born that one crazy night.
Perhaps this season you find yourself a little more sad than in years past, or even a little more anxious about all that’s going on in the world. May we remember the message of advent: in advent, we wait. Why? Because once again we might be reminded that “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.” Happy Advent. And Merry Christmas. See you at church and around town.

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