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A Note from Ashley – October 2015 Newsletter

Walter Brueggeman once wrote, “Churches should be the most honest place in town, not the happiest place in town.” We have become all too aware that young adults are no longer content with a Church that claims it has all the answers, neatly tied with a happy bow. And for many young adults, the hate that the Church is capable of is no longer acceptable either. Rachel Held Evans writes, “We want to be known by what we’re for… not just what we’re against.” Here in the FPC Young Adult community, we are continually seeking ways to be honest, sit comfortably in the hazy grey, and find places of common ground in a world, and perhaps a global Church, that still seeks division rather than unity (which doesn’t have to look like uniformity). We hope you feel welcomed here for all of those reasons. Here’s hoping you’ll join us, and continue to challenge us, in our mission to do all of the above. Cheers. See you at church and around town.

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